Our Process

Our Process

THE “SPRIK CUSTOM” PART.  Diving into the process of building a custom table is fun when you’re in experienced hands. These six steps set clear expectations for us, and afford a quick timeline towards production.


To make sure your table is everything you dreamed of, we walk you through a few steps of samples and renderings to give you a realistic idea of what the finished product will look like. This helps us all enter into production with confidence and clarity.

  • 1. Tell Us About Your Table
    You contact us with a surface you’d like to have custom crafted for your space. We will offer questions to help guide you in designing exactly what you’re looking for.
  • 2. We Quote It
    We develop a customized proposal of the process, timeline, and pricing for your project.
  • 3. Sign and Deposit
    Your custom order is booked when the proposal is accepted, a deposit provided, and a contract signed.
  • 4. Illustration Approval
    If applicable, 3D renderings and shop drawings are provided to you for your approval and sign-off
  • 5. Material Approval
    If applicable, material samples are shipped to your location for approval.
  • 6. Final OK
    Once all renderings and materials are given your final stamp of approval, your custom order is moved to production.

THE HANDCRAFTED “WOODWORKS” PART.  We don’t like to keep you guessing while your table is coming to life in the shop. Although there are several steps and processes our woodworkers go through to produce high quality tables, we want you to know about the fun parts.


With a clear vision of what your table will look like, we get started on the exciting part – custom woodworking.

  • 7. Slab Selection
    We carefully hand select slabs of your chosen material for the order and provide photos so we’re both confident you’ll be delighted with the finished product.
  • 8. Into Woodworker's Hands
    Your custom order, along with any renderings, drawings, photos, and references, is passed on to our craftsmen to begin the creation.
  • 9. Creation Completion
    Your order is crafted from beginning to end, top to bottom, in our wood shop.
  • 10. Photo Sneak Peek
    When your order is complete, we send detailed photos of the final product to you to make sure your order meets all of your expectations.
  • 11. Final Approval and Payment
    After your final approval and sign-off, we prepare your order for pick-up or delivery and final payment is due.
  • 12. Delivery
    Depending on your specified delivery method, we prepare it for your pick-up, or we carefully package and crate it to ship to your door.

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